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The challenges facing nonprofits. Do these sound familiar?

You could be 1 of the 5 nonprofits we choose to work with. Fill out the contact card today

Getting noticed - in a world full of nonprofits, businesses and social media influencers competing for everyone's attention, you need to find a way to stand out.  Paid ads are expensive and dig into your donations that could be going towards your mission and purpose. Marketing can be difficult and often times you need a full time employee


  • Mobile apps are a fast growing segment but can be expensive. Upwards of $60,000 for a basic mobile app.  BUT not ours! It could be FREE or at little cost to you.  Keep reading to find out.

  • Get your sponsors more involved by giving them an ROI for partnering with your organization all at your fingertips.

Building a culture of Philanthropy - it's about creating a culture and not just a strategy.  Getting people involved and keeping them up-to-date is incredibly important but unless they are always visiting your site or social media they aren’t going to see it.  People give to organizations and people they feel close to, if they don’t feel close they won’t be a repeat donor.  Is your team the same way? Does Fundraising seem daunting instead of enjoyable?


  • What if donors had your mobile app that had everything on it? What if you could send donors push notifications and create viral social media posts from the app that people shared and it reached thousands of people organically? It's possible with a Shareboost mobile app

  • Give your sponsors and ROI for supporting you with an ad space and awareness posts.  Give your donors and ROI for donating to the cause with free discounts and access to deals.  That’s what our mobile app can do…but that’s not it.

Attracting and Retaining donors- donor retention rate is about 45%, what does that mean? Over 50% of your donors will donate once and that's it.  That means you CONSTANTLY have to find new donors to replace the ones that leave. Another stat- Every $100 Gained in 2017 Was Offset By $96 In Losses Through Gift Attrition.  Plus smaller nonprofits struggle the most in this area!

Talk about exhausting, there has to be a better way.


  • Our Mobile App structure helps retain donors by keeping them up-to-date AND gives them an ROI for continuous donations!

  • Volunteer sign up right on the mobile app help retain more involved and engaged donors

  • Events on the Mobile app where they can buy tickets and save important dates raises engagement

  • Providing discounts at businesses/sponsors that are unlocked with a yearly/monthly donation.

  • Share results and exciting updates through push notifications

Do you struggle with these same problems?  Let’s take your nonprofit to the next level.

Partner with us today!

We are looking to partner with 5 MOTIVATED nonprofits to receive their custom mobile app before July 31st.  We will be closing the window soon to dedicate our time to develop and market your mobile app.

Reach us through the contact us page so we can jump on a call to discuss your project!

What I Offer

Solutions that work for you!

Using a Computer

Non-Profit Apps

Bring your mission, Mobile! Make your Mobile app a place for your supporters to see the impact you are making, keep them up-to-date and even sell your Merchandise all from the app.  PLUS Offer your sponsors, businesses and individuals the best ROI for supporting your non-profit mission by giving them Ad space on your app.  What it comes down to is you can pursue your mission, generate additional funding for little to no cost and offer your sponsors a huge benefit you couldn't provide before


  • Provide your supporters with a custom branded app

  • Promote your events and other important information

  • Send push notifications for sales, events and updates

  • Sponsorship space highlights your biggest supports/businesses by providing their website link, contact info, map, short description and deal

Woman on Her Computer

Community-based apps

Let's partner together to support YOUR downtown and get more people to shop local, shop downtown and support community!  All the benefits of an app without any of the work.  We do the work, your community will reap the benefits

What we do for your community

  • Provide your community with a custom branded app

  • Provide ad space for your local businesses 

    • Ad space includes website link, contact info, map, short description and deal

    • We collect ad fees, ad placement images/info and renewals each year

  • Spotlight businesses and events through push notifications to users

  • Promote your events and attractions in your city for FREE

  • Run promotions and rewards that go right back into your community

What you receive

  • Extra funds for your community, generate yearly revenue

  • The more businesses you help get on the app, the more we give back to you!

  • An awesome all-in-one app that will help support, promote and boost small business 

What we need from you!

  • Help us promote the app to all your downtown businesses

  • Share the app at all your events, attractions and businesses around town

  • We provide a QR code so it’s easy to download the app

  • Sit back and enjoy having a mobile app that pays you back, complements your marketing strategy and takes no extra work from you

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